The Baroness reel cutter has continually received high marks from all over the world.

Kyoeisha started developing mowers in 1959. The material used in Kyoeisha's reel cutter has changed gradually over the years since its beginning. A high level of cutting quality, created from the very beginning, has remained the same to this day. Factors such as the manufacturing process, know-how, and craftsman's skill have been handed down from generation to generation and this has enabled Kyoeisha to continually produce high-quality reel cutters.



Similarity to the Japanese Sword Making Process

In the Japanese sword making process there is step called "yakiire". It is a process to harden the steel by putting the sword into a furnace and raising its temperature up to 1472 degree fahrenheit, then cooling it by plunging the sword into a water tank. The manufacturing process of the Baroness reel cutter also incorporates this "yakiire"step. "Yakiire" creates a reel cutter that is hard and resilient.



The Craftsman's Expert Skills

A shaft and disks (collars) are welded together to form a frame. Then blades are built into the frame. The blades, which are formed by machine into a precise shape, are normally welded to a frame by a machine (robot), but in the case of the Baroness reel cutter, a craftsman inspects each blade's fit by sight and adjusts it if necessary before the final assembly. This crafstman's work removes any stresses that could form in the reel cutter and ensures that each finished reel cutter is of the highest quality. This is only possible through the hands of master craftsmen.



High Processing Accuracy

The Baroness reel cutter is manufactured with a high processing accuracy, thus holding a near perfect circular shape from end to end. The processing accuracy of the outer diameter of the reel cutter is under 1/100 (0.01) mm deflection. A thickness of newspaper used for checking the cut of the reel is between 3/100 and 5/100mm (0.03 and 0.05mm). That is, the amount of deflection caused by the Baroness reel cutter is less than one third of a newspaper's thickness. This is why the cutting quality of all new Baroness reel cutters is consistently high.



Ideal Dynamic Balance

When an unbalanced object spins it vibrates and cannot spin in a perfect circle. An unbalanced reel cutter could have an extremely negative effect on the performance of a mower. Kyoeisha has paid careful attention to the importance of dynamic balancing and keeps a standard value of under 2 grams when the reel cutter is spinning. That is extremely small.



Quality On Demand

Baroness reel cutters come in about 100 different specifications, including different quantities of blades, width and diameter of the reel cutter. Baroness products range from lawnmowers for home to professional mowers used on golf courses. All Baroness products are created with the same materials, combining accuracy and dedicated craftsmanship. The Baroness reel cutter provides the best cutting quality for everybody, everywhere.