Our mission is to provid buautiful turf in all over the world

Our goal at BARONESS is provide sports fields, particularly golf courses with a machine that will consistantly cut grass cleanly, leaving a healthy uniformed cut and appearance. The BARONESS mower has been recognized as the mower with the world’s highest quality of cut. Our mowers are of the highest quality, our design process puts cutting quality as the top priority and our craftsman take the time to carefully handcraft each mower to perfection. BARONESS does not believe in compromising quality, and have spared no expense investing in the development of our Mowers. Our products incorporate many ideas to support the creation of the ideal green including a high quality and long lasting reel cutter and bedknife, in addition to the adoption of a superior durability all-gear drive. We offer a unique lineup of products and tools that can accommodate any type of work. Our mission is to create the world’s highest quality mowers. BARONESS provides mowers that are loved by greens keepers around the world.



Globally recognized Quality of Cut

The BARONESS Greens mower is equipped with the sharpest reel cutter in the market. BARONESS uses its own special blend of steels and utilizes the same techniques used to achieve the hardness and tenacity that Japanese swords are known for. The hardness of the reel cutter and bedknife is designed to avoid countering. The precise mating surfaces increase the durability and life of both your reel and bedknife. BARONESS’ reel cutters are made with tested and proven craftsmanship along with cutting edge manufacturing technologies through 16 processes, to achieve a beautiful cut and to quickly and smoothly create the perfect green.



Over 100 years of success & quality turf maintenance

Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of mowing equipment in Japan. Based on our 104-year history cultivated by technology. With our agile strategies aiming at weaknesses of leading competitors, we have changed from an agricultural machine manufacturer to a greens maintenance machine manufacturer specializing in mowers. In addition to golf courses throughout Japan, we are actively involved in manufacturing mowers for green zones such as parks, football fields and other sports fields, corporate greens, river levees, idle farmlands, private lands, ski slopes, streets, and residential lawns. We are also actively exporting our products overseas.

Company name KYOEISHA CO., LTD.
Address 1-26, Miyuki-cho, Toyokawa-city, Aichi-pref, 442-8530 Japan
Phone (81) 533-84-1390 Overseas Sales Division
Establish July 16, 1910
Foundation August 4, 1918
Capital 300 million yen
President Hidenori Hayashi
Employee 255 people
Sales volume 6,500,000,000 yen (December, 2014)
Business Manufacture and sale of green space maintenance machines, etc. that beginning with the lawn mower


Corporate History

1910 July
Meiji 43
Mr. Sokichi Hayashi, first president started manufacturing Yokaigu-nikakushikiseizokuki (sericultural straw-bending equipment) and established Kyoeisha company.
1922 Taisho 11 Developed pedal threshers. Exported to South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.
1945 December Showa 20 Mr. Kaichi Hayashi became the second president.
1959 Showa 34 Moved into the lawnmower business.
1963 Showa 38 Moved into the grass cutter business.
1982 March
Showa 57
Masami Hayashi became the third president.
1988 Showa 63 Introduced a company-wide computer system.
1989 Heisei 1 Completed a new office and new machinery plant.
1992 Heisei 4 Started to export into South Korea market.
1997 Heisei 9 Completed the distribution center.
2000 Heisei 12 Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
2001 Heisei 13 Established Shanghai Baroness Turf Machinery CO., LTD.
2004 Heisei 16 Started internet sales business.
2005 Heisei 17 Established Kyoeisha USA.
2007 Heisei 19 Established Kyoeisha UK.
2010 Heisei 22 Marked our 100th anniversary.
2012 Heisei 24 Moved into new markets such as EU, South east asia, and South and central America market.
2014 Heisei 26 Started business in Australia and New Zealand market.
2015 Heisei 27 Hidenori Hayashi became the fourth president.
2016 Heisei 28 1st BARONESS International Distributor Conference 2016

First president HayashiSatoshikichi
Second president Hayashi Yoshikazu
Third the President Masami Hayashi
Currently the President Hidenori Hayashi
First president
Sokichi Hayashi
Second president
Kaichi Hayashi
Third president
Masami Hayashi
Current president
Hidenori Hayashi




Overseas Business

BARONESS products are used worldwide, especially in the U.K., E.U., North America, Central America, and Asia. Many of our overseas customers praise BARONESS products for their superior cut and build quality. BARONESS will continue to actively invest in overseas business and expand its markets to achieve the status of a leading global brand.

Kyoeisha held its first BARONESS International Distributor Conference in 2016 at the Pechanga Casino and Resort in Temecula, CA. The purpose of the conference was to share the future vision of Kyoeisha with our distributors. This enabled us to deepen the understanding of Kyoeisha’s activities. In turn strengthening our global network and increasing communication between manufacturer and distributor. The key theme of the conference was “One World, One Team” The theme captured our desire to unite with our colleges around the world to tackle the global market. Distributors from all over the globe gathered at this conference to discuss BARONESS’ mid to long-term plans and policies to enable us to take the next step for future success.