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HMB1100 HMB1100

・With the cutting width of 110 cm and a 16.2 kW diesel engine, this mower is used in professional applications. Recommended for operation over large areas.
・HST (Hydraulic Static Transmission) allows for the control of forward and reverse movements as well as the speed with just one lever.
・A hydraulic system adjusts the cutting height. A design that maximizes the cutting size of the grass is used for efficiency during grass collection after mowing.
・Equipped with a low-noise, environmentally friendly new-generation diesel engine.

 Total length  275cm
 Total width  126cm
 Total height  132cm
 Weight  882kg
 Engine  Kubota diesel D1105-EB-KYE-2, 1.123L 16.2kW(22PS)/2,.600rpm
 Speed  Forward(low0〜3.3km/h high0〜6.3km/h)
 Reverse(low0〜2.1km/h high0〜4.0km/h)
 Cutting width
  (Mowing width)
 Cutting height
  (Adjusted mowing height)
 Flail Mower  Number of blades 90
 Knife clutch  Belt tension system
 Maximum angle  30
 Mission  Hydro-static transmission
 Fuel tank  25L
 Efficiency  5,544u(6.3km/h×Cutting width (Mowing width)×0.8)

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