Flail Mower

With the cutting width of 110 cm and a 16.2 kW diesel engine, this mower is used in professional applications. Recommended for operation over large areas.


  • HST (Hydraulic Static Transmission) allows for the control of forward and reverse movements as well as the speed with just one lever.
  • A hydraulic system adjusts the cutting height. A design that maximizes the cutting size of the grass is used for efficiency during grass collection after mowing.
  • Equipped with a low-noise, environmentally friendly new-generation diesel engine.


 Total length  275cm
 Total width  126cm
 Total height  132cm
 Weight  882kg
 Engine  Kubota diesel D1105-EB-KYE-2, 1.123L 16.2kW(22PS)/2,.600rpm
 Speed  Forward(low0~3.3km/h high0~6.3km/h)
 Reverse(low0~2.1km/h high0~4.0km/h)
 Cutting width
  (Mowing width)
 Cutting height
  (Adjusted mowing height)
 Flail Mower  Number of blades 90
 Knife clutch  Belt tension system
 Maximum angle  30
 Mission  Hydro-static transmission
 Fuel tank  25L
 Efficiency  5,544㎡(6.3km/h×Cutting width (Mowing width)×0.8)