Walk Behind Flail Mower

This is a Flail mower with the cutting width of 70 cm and the engine output of 5.8kW.


  • This machine is the most compact entry model.
  • With a cutting width of 70 cm, it has a small turning effect and is suitable for weed cutting around trees.
  • Ideal for trimming long weeds.
  • Durability and performance that inherit the professional technology of the large hammer knife mower.


 Total length  178cm
 Total width  87cm
 Total height  88cm
 Weight  178kg
 Engine  MITSUBISHI GB290PN 0.296L 5.8kW(8.0PS)/2,000rpm
 Gear  Forward6levels、Reverse2levels(Double tension system)
 Cutting width
  (Mowing width)
 Cutting height
  (Adjusted mowing height)
 Flail Mower  Number of blades 42
 Efficiency  2,632㎡(4.7km/h×width of working×0.8)