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HM1560K HM1560K

・With a cutting width of 154cm, the largest in its class, the HM1560K efficiently cuts grass on a large surface such as river banks, ski slopes and areas along freeways.
・The uniquely-designed mower shape and the efficient discharging of cut grass create a cutting finish superior to that of the competition.
・The HST transmission and the easy one-lever control system provide a more comfortable operation.
・The radiator is large-sized. There is no risk of the radiator overheating as a fan rotates both forwards and backwards to blow away any cut grass that is attached.
・A specially designed crawler is used.

ヒッチ方式 エアクリーナ

Use of Pre-Air-Cleaner allows for removal of fine dust and easy cleanup.

Optional chain prevents objects from flying out.

 Total length  291p
 Total width  172cm
 Total height  140cm
 Weight  1,608kg
 Engine  Kubota D1803-M-E3B-HMKY-1 1.826L
 27.9 kW(37.9 PS)/2,700 rpm
 Cutting width
  (Mowing width)
 Cutting height
  (Adjusted mowing height)
 3〜28cm (Maximum 42cm)
 Gear  Hydraulic variable speed
 Speed  Forward0〜6.5km/h、Reverse0〜4.5km/h
 Maximum angle  35
 Efficiency  8,008u
 (6.5km/h×width of working×0.8)

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