Bi-directional Rotating Haymaker

This is an optional haymaker for the HMC1560. It is a large haymaker solid enough for professional applications.


  • Used mainly for grass collection after mowing on riverbanks and roadsides.
  • The bi-directional rotation allows grass collection consistently in the same direction.
  • The centralized design allows for easy operation.


 Total length  110cm [290cm]
 Total width  224cm [224cm]
 Total height  113cm [135cm]
 Weight  322kg[1,610kg]
 Engine  Mitsubishi diesel S4L2-E2-31KM
 Speed  Forward0~6.5km/h Reverse0~4.5km/h
 width of working  200cm
 A shape  Coil type double Tyne
 Numbers of tyne   36
 Number of columns  3
 Clutch  Belt tension system
 Efficiency  10,400㎡(6.5km/h)