Riding Sweeper

While suctioning the core, the machine compresses the greens. This is a feature unique to the BARONESS Sweeper.


  • It can also be used for compressing purpose only.
  • Optional Ulethen tires. Ulethen tires do not trample down on the core retrieved.
  • The sweeper part can be easily removed. Cleaning and adjustment of the sweeper are also easy.
  • The brush height can be adjusted easily while sitting in the driver’s seat.
  • An alarm sounds when the bucket reaches capacity.


 Total length  256㎝
 Total width  177cm
 Total height  149cm
 Weight  757kg(Urethane tire attachment)
 Engine  Vanguard356447 13.2Kw〈18Ps〉/3,600rpm
 Fuel tank  16L(Gas)
 Speed  0~17km/h
 width of working  81cm
 Bucket capacity  0.420m3
 Hight of bucket  160cm
 Efficiency  5,180㎡/h(8km/h×width of working×0.8)At the time of suctioning the core