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GM Series
HM series
Speciality Equipment Series
GR Series


LM series LM series (Lawn Mower)
A beautifully maintained golf course provides an ideal turf condition for players. A fairway and green in beautiful condition provides a wonderful golf play. BARONESS’s knowledge and experience create optimal and ideal conditions for golf courses.
GM Series GM Series (Grass Mower)
The BARONESS GM series mowers are used on golf courses, parks, and sports fields. Choose either the compact hand mower for maneuverable operation or the riding mower for large areas. The GM series also enables easy and highly efficient operation on slope areas.
HM series HM series (Flail Mower)
The HM series is a special equipment for mowing on slopes and uneven terrains. Possesses both durability and toughness for operation in inhospitable environments. Used on slopes of motorways, riverbanks, and idle farmlands. This mower can trim and break down most types of grass. It can also break down wood of a few-centimeter diameter.
Speciality Equipment Series Speciality Equipment Series
Golf courses use many maintenance equipments in addition to mowers. BARONESS offers a rich array of maintenance equipments line-ups to meet the needs of many different golf courses. The line-ups for field maintenance are equally rich with products meeting location and maintenance purpose needs.
GR Series GR Series (Ground Rake)
The GR series is used for ground maintenance of football stadiums, baseball stadiums and other sports fields. Features a variety of functions depending on applications for beautiful ground maintenance.
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